- Seeking beta readers
By Holden Karnofsky 1 min read

Seeking beta readers

I've found it really helpful to run early drafts of Cold Takes posts by people who haven't talked with me about the relevant topics, don't have much background on them, etc. I often learn about things that are "off" about the way I'm trying to present things, and I think it ends up improving the posts a lot.

I'm seeking more "beta readers" now. The way this works is that if you're a beta reader, you'll receive early drafts of blog posts, with about a week to read them and give feedback using a form like this one.

If you plan on reading the posts anyway, being a beta reader shouldn't take much extra time. The benefits will be (a) the warm glow of helping me make Cold Takes pieces better for everyone else; (b) maybe sometimes you'll get "exclusive content" in the sense that I decide not to run something after sending it to beta readers. Hey - since Cold Takes is free, this is the closest you can get to a premium subscription!

I have no idea how much interest there will be, so this is just for initial expressions of interest and I'll figure out a plan from there.

If you might be interested, please fill out this form - thanks!

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