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By Holden Karnofsky 2 min read

No need to click

Articles whose headlines are all you should read.

I hate when people share articles based only on the headline. My rough guess is that this is 90% of article shares, even when the sharer thinks they've read the article; NPR's April Fools joke is a classic riff on this phenomenon.

But if you're into sharing articles based on headlines, here's a treat: a set of headlines that are so specific, wonderful and (as confirmed by me) supported by the main text that you can go ahead and enjoy them without clicking.

Creator of McAfee Software has Disguised Himself as a Guatemalan Street Hawker with a Limp in Order to Avoid Police Seeking Him for Questioning in Murder of Neighbor.

'Creature' terrorizing Poland town turns out to be a croissant stuck in a tree

Pig in Australia Steals 18 Beers from Campers, Gets Drunk, Fights Cow

Dwayne Johnson Rips Off Front Gate with His Bare Hands to Get to Work.

90-Year-Old Tortoise Whose Legs Were Eaten By Rats Gets Prosthetic Wheels And Goes Twice As Fast

Turtle with wheels for legs

A Dutch metro train was saved from disaster Monday when it smashed through a safety barrier but was prevented from plummeting into water by a sculpture of a whale tail. (OK, that one is the first sentence, not the headline)

Photo of a train teetering over the track, supported by a sculpture of a whale tail

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