- Programming note
By Holden Karnofsky 1 min read

Programming note

I'll be posting somewhat less frequently for a while, as I've gone through a lot of my backlog (though not 100% of it) and want to focus for a while on trying to make progress on some thorny, important-seeming questions about making the best of the most important century.

I have a writeup of what sorts of questions I want to focus on, and why I think they're important, here. It's a bit less general-interest-oriented than my normal Cold Takes posts, so I only put it on the Effective Altruism Forum, but check it out if you're curious about what I think is most holding us back from knowing what actions to take to improve the future of humanity.

Some things I'll probably post reasonably soon are (a) a reader survey on what topics you'd like to see more of; (b) tips for working on wicked problems; (c) another dialogue or two to follow this one (topic is future-proof ethics). I expect to post on a bunch more topics later. In the meantime, check out the archives!