- Cold Links: assorted fun basketball stuff
By Holden Karnofsky 1 min read

Cold Links: assorted fun basketball stuff

Dwight Howard had some great slam dunk contest dunks. I really love how much fun everyone is having in these videos, especially the announcers. Verbatim quote from the announcer in the last video: "I'm leaving the building! I quit my job! I've never seen anything like that, in my life, it is over!"

Nikola Jokic, the least graceful superstar I can think of. I could watch him all day.

I've seen a lot of sports highlight videos in my life, but this compilation of Kevin Love's outlet passes is special.

How exactly did Anthony Davis lose his balance and fall over here? (Video, click play)

The worst call by an NBA ref ever.

Great video of Steph Curry running around a lot during a play. "That’s a damn Family Circus comic."

This is absolutely the most painful choking away of a game at the very end I can recall seeing.

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